Thursday, April 12, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

TV Best Bests For the Week of 4/9

Monday 4/9: Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (TRVL. 9/8 c) On the season 8 premiere Tony visits the post-colonial beauty of Mozambique.
Monday 4/9: Smash (10/9 c) Uma Thurman guest stars and promises a musical number in character as The Bride where she goes assassin style on the shows annoying Glee-wannabees (as if Glee wasn't annoying enough without a copycat). I wish I were serious.
Tuesday 4/10: Justified (FX 10/9 c) The pieces are set, on all four sides, and more than a few people are sure to get shot by Raylan in this season 3 finale.
Thursday 4/12: Community (NBC 8/7 c) When Britta's old flame Blade returns to town with the traveling carnival, the group goes to elaborate lengths to keep Britta away from him.
Sunday 4/15: Girls (HBO 10:30/9: 30 c) Lena Dunhams's new HBO comedy is destined to be the anti-'Sex in the City' and looks to be a refreshing twist on the life of 20-somethings trying to make it NYC.
Sunday 4/15: Game of Thrones (HBO 9/8 c) As long as HBO's best series is on air it will make this weekly list. Really, there is no better bet any week than a new 'Thrones' episode.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Watch the First Five Minutes of 'Lockout'

On an orbiting prison 50 miles above the earth where the world's most dangerous criminals are kept asleep, the prisoners are suddenly awakened, causing a panic. In theaters April 20th.